A Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE) is a limited liability company registered with only foreign capital under the Chinese company law. The investing party could be corporations, economic organizations or individuals.
Same as other types of business registration in China, each WOFE is restricted in a certain business scope (e.g. consulting, manufacturing, trading, etc). Within its business scope, the WOFE can have normal business activities of buying materials, processing them and selling the final products to local or overseas clients. Profits of the company can be repatriated to the investors’ home country.


    • Service Package

      • Application letter

      • Feasibility study report

      • Articles of Association

      • List of legal representatives, board of directors and shareholders

    • Research and obtain approval for the company name

    • Obtain Certificate of Approval from the foreign Trade Bureau/Bureau of Trade and Industry

    • Obtain Business License from the Administration of Industry and Commerce

    • Registration with Government authorities, including

      • The Public Security Bureau

      • The Administration of Foreign Exchange Bureau

      • The Tax Bureau

      • The Customs Department

    • Obtain company chops

    • Obtain Enterprise Code Certificate, Statistics Registration Certificate, and Finance Registration


    • One director

    • One shareholder

    • One legal representative

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