Singapore Company Incorporation

Encouraged by the well infrastructure, low tax rates and series of strategies trade agreements over 18 regional, Singapore- based companies could develop its business by reduce its cost in tax and cross-boundary trading. These companies utilize the saving in developing their business in an effective and efficiency manner.

As the above reason, companies may wish to incorporate in Singapore. However, there may have barrier in registration for a foreign company as Singapore authority required localities involvement in Singapore based company. With our experiences and network in Singapore, we might able to follow up yours application out of these barriers.

  Advantages of Singapore Limited Company

  • 100% foreign ownership allowed

  • Low setting up cost

  • English legal system

  • Reduce trade barriers under Free Trade Agreement and Investment Guarantee Agreement

  • Internationally recognized reputation

  • Tax haven

  • No restriction on repatriation of profits

  • Easily avoid doubt tax treaties for most of the countries

  • Stable political, economic and trade environment

  Standard Requirement for Singapore Limited Company

Proposed company name English or Chinese
Standard authorized share capital SG$1
Minimum share capital SG$1
Minimum shareholder 1 Natural person or legal entity
Minimum director 1 Natural person or legal entity (a)
Company Secretary Compulsory (b)


At least one director must be a Singapore citizen holding permanent residence or with an employment visa.
Sole director cannot act as the company director. The company secretary was also required to be a resident of Singapore.
If company wishes their names with the regulated words “Bank, Finance Company, Insurance, School, University, Media”, they must be first approved by the Singapore Company Registration Regulatory Authority.
Local registered address is required

  Services we could proivde

  • Company Incorporation

  • Company Secretary

  • Registered Address

  • Nominee Director

  • Bank Account Opening

  • Accounting and Taxation Services

  Required Information and Time for Incorporation

  • Company name in English

  • Original copy of directors and company originators’ ID card or passport, or certified copy by certified public accountants, lawyers and notaries

  • Original copy of proof of address of the directors for the last 3 months (such as bank statements, utilities bills, gas bills, landline phone bills, etc.) or certified copy by certified public accountants, lawyers, and notaries

  • It takes about 15 working days to register a brand new company (after the particulars are fully collected and due diligence is passed)

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