A Representative Office (RO) is a non-legal entity representing its parent company that is set up in China to liaise with businesses and customers. It is not allowed to directly conduct business, issue invoices on its own or receive income from services performed.
However, RO can function as a liaison between its home company and related industries in China, conduct market research, promote products and perform preparatory activities for future business development, which can be considered as a first step to enter into the China market.


    • Preparation of the RO registration, such as

      • Application letter

      • Power of attorney for the chief representative

      • Details of legal representative

    • Obtain Certificate of Approval from the Foreign Trade Bureau / Bureau of Trade and Industry

    • Obtain Certificate of Registration from the Administration of Industry and Commerce

    • Registration with Government authorities, including

      • The Public Security Bureau

      • The Tax Bureau

      • The Statistics Bureau

      • The Customs Department

    • Obtain office stamps

    • Obtain Enterprise Code Certificate


    • One chief representative, appointed by the board of directors of its parent company

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