All information of limited company registered in Hong Kong, including names, addresses and shareholding percentage of shareholders and names, ID card numbers or passport numbers and addresses, shall be available to the public.
Formation Kit can provide Nominee Service and act as nominee shareholder or nominee director to ensure normal operation of enterprise, if shareholders or directors of the enterprise are unwilling to publicize personal information, or due to other business considerations.

Nominee Service has the following characteristics:

  • Nominee contract will be stamped to protect the beneficial owner’s rights to company properties and income distribution

  • The beneficial owner will have the right to dismiss the nominee shareholder and director from office

  • Nominee should sign no commercial contract without authority of the beneficial owner

  • Nominee is not liable to commercial activities of the company

Nominee Director

Hong Kong company incorporation requires the designation of at least one director and a Nominee Director will keep your true director identity completely confidential within your structure.

Using a Nominee Director allow you to not record your personal information (name, address, passport number, etc.) that are only known from the official agent who will incorporate your company.

Using Nominee Director service strengthens your privacy and prevent disclosure of your personal information.

Control of your business activities, bank accounts, and other managerial endeavors are still entitled to you and will not be hindered by the Nominee Director whose role is restricted to that of company incorporation.

Power of Attorney

Rights to your company will be protected by Power Of Attorney. This certifies your full management of the company while the Nominee Director only represents you. All actions made by the Nominee Director will be under this contract until it expires, upon which all rights revert solely back to you.

Nominee Shareholder

A Nominee Shareholder would represent the shareholder of the company and will be used for security reasons to protect the personal information of the actual shareholder. A contracted Nominee Shareholder will disclose the necessary information such as ID and passport numbers without you having to share what you don’t want to.

Relation with a Nominee Shareholder

Contracting a Nominee Shareholder usually comes in tandem with contracting a Nominee Director. In cases wherein the director and shareholder are someone who want to keep full privacy about company’s owner, both nominees are required to protect his information, else disclosing your information as a shareholder while you use a Nominee Director in your place would render the latter useless.

Declaration of Trust

Contracting a Nominee Shareholder requires you to protects your rights to your shares with Nominee Shareholder issuing a Declaration of Trust free of loopholes to you that certifies your full ownership of your shares while the nominee represents you.

If you would like more information about Nominee Service, please contact our professionals and we will provide you with free advisory.

Opening Corporate Bank Accounts

Beneficial Owners and Nominee(s) Director & Shareholder will be present together at corporate bank account opening appointment in Hong Kong. By the end of the process, the Nominee(s) will have no knowledge of your corporate bank account numbers and passwords and do not have any signing rights.

Nominee Services Required Documents

  • Copy of passport (or Hong Kong Identity Card if any) and residential addresses proof of all shareholders. If shareholder is another corporation, please provide Certificate of Incorporation and registered office.

  • Copy of passport (or Hong Kong Identity Card if any) and residential addresses proof of all directors.

  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation, Business Registration Certificate and NNC1 form.

  • Amount of share capital and percentage of shareholdings.

  • Certificate of Continuing Registration.

  • Certificate of Incumbency (if any).

  • Copy of latest Annual Return (if any).

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