The trademark registration system of Macao provides territorial protection. Hence, trademarks registered with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the People’s Republic of China or trademarks registries of other countries or regions do not automatically receive protection in Macao. In order to obtain protection as registered trademarks in Macao, trademarks must be registered under the Industrial Property Code.

Please complete the Trademark Application Form (Online Version) to start your application.

  Service Fee: HK$3,800

√ Per Trademark Per Class
√ Additional category: HK$3,800 each
√ All government and service fees included
√ Notary fee (if any) not included

Macao Trademark Registration Overview

√ Grant of Certificate: Approximately 6 to 9 months
√ Validity: Valid for 7 years from the date of registration
√ Renewal: Renew for successive periods of 7 years


  1. A soft copy of the trademark. Four black and white prints as well as fifteen color prints are required when a trademark is in colour.
  2. A detailed list of products or services to be covered in the application.
  3. A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation or Business Registration Certificate or anything of similar nature which shows the name and address of the applicant.
  4. A priority document when priority is claimed. The document can be filed within 3 months after the filing date of the application.
  5. Power of Attorney (POA) letter as required by some countries/regions.

Trademark Classification:

The 10th edition of the Nice Classification, an internationally accepted classification, issued by the World Intellectual Property Organization classifies the goods and services into 45 classes. (34 classes for goods and 11 classes for services) and an alphabetical list of goods and services (Click here).

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