In China you must register your trademark with the Chinese Trademark Office in order to protect your exclusive rights to that trademark in China.

The Chinese trademark law system is different from the U.S. federal trademark law system. The Chinese Trademark Law provides: “Any natural person, legal entity or other organization intending to acquire the exclusive right to use a trademark, including service mark, shall file an application for the registration of the trademark with the Trademark Office”.

Please complete the Trademark Application Form (Online Version) to start your application.

  Service Fee: HK$4,000

√ One Trademark in one Class
√ This service fee includes only 10 specifications of goods or services. From the tenth specification beyond, each additional item will incur a cost of HK$500
√ All government and service fees included. However handling fees for government or third party objection are not included


  • Grant of Certificate: Approximately 18 to 30 months

  • Validity: Valid for 10 years from the date of registration

  • Renewal: Renew for successive periods of 10 years


  • After the application is made, if the documents provided are correct and completed, the China Trademark Office will issue a Notification of Acceptance in 3 months.

  • The Trademark Office will release the Preliminary Announcement around 10 months after the application is accepted.

  • If no objection is received in 3 months, the Trademark Office will issue the Certification of Trademark Registration.

  • The complete registration process takes around 18-30 months.


  1. A soft copy of the trademark. Four black and white prints as well as fifteen color prints are required when a trademark is in colour.
  2. A detailed list of products or services to be covered in the application.
  3. A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation or Business Registration Certificate or anything of similar nature which shows the name and address of the applicant.
  4. A priority document when priority is claimed. The document can be filed within 3 months after the filing date of the application.
  5. Power of Attorney (POA) letter as required by some countries/regions.


Trademark Classification:

The 10th edition of the Nice Classification, an internationally accepted classification, issued by the World Intellectual Property Organization classifies the goods and services into 45 classes. (34 classes for goods and 11 classes for services) and an alphabetical list of goods and services (Click here).

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