As the fourth largest country in the world and with one of the fastest-growing economies, developing an effective and profitable business in China is a great opportunity for any company looking to scale. Moreover, as a world-renowned dynamic marketplace, China is a prime location for international investors and buyers to source a wide range of quality products at competitive prices and a skilled workforce. Coupled with a booming economy that is progressively being liberalized – especially regarding terms of entry for new sectors – the Chinese market is a prime business location for foreign businesses to establish themselves in China.


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All in all, China represents a competitive and appealing country on an international scale from an investment point of view, and a major force of the worldwide economy. However, establishing a presence in China is still a challenging experience for unwary organizations, but with our knowledge, experience and expertise we can smooth the way for prospective market entrants, and make their company formation process in China as seamless as possible. With that said, a successful company formation process in China is highly dependent on the nature of your business entity and the selected structure for performing the operations. Foreign Investors commonly establish a business presence in China in one of two ways:



Although it is easier for foreign investors to register and form a company in China than before, there will still be a certain degree of difficulty if customers want to apply on their own. In order to help customers effectively expand their business, we can provide a comprehensive set of services for establishing Chinese companies and handle the complicated procedures of domestic company formation in China on behalf of customers. Whether it is a sole proprietorship, joint venture or office, we can help you set up your company as fast as possible.

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