The Cayman Islands, located in the British Overseas Territory of the Northwest Caribbean Sea, consists of three islands, including the Greater Cayman, the Lesser Cayman and the Cayman Blacks.

The Cayman Islands is the fourth largest offshore financial centre in the world.

Companies registered in the Cayman Islands are known as Cayman companies and are commonly found in VIE trading frameworks for listing overseas or in Hong Kong.


  • The political, economic and trade environment of Cayman is stable;

  • Cayman has good financial and legal facilities;

  • The Cayman government protects the interests of shareholders and does not disclose the identity of beneficiaries;

  • The government encourages economic development and attracts foreign investment. One person can register a limited company;

  • The government provides privacy protection for enterprises. The information of directors and shareholders are absolutely confidential and not disclose to the public;

  • Freedom of name, allowing the use of multiple national company ending forms;

  • There is no upper limit for registered capital, and there is no need to pay a stamp duty;

  • There is no limit to the scope of business, and there is no exchange control;

  • There is no need to issue an audit report, just keep the information to reflect the economic situation;

  • The profits from offshore operations are not subject to profits tax.


Proposed company name Both English and Chinese are acceptable
Standard authorized share capital US$50,000 at US$1 each or no par value
Minimum share capital US$1
Minimum shareholder 1 Natural person or legal entity
Minimum director 1 Natural person or legal entity
Company Secretary Not compulsory


Shelf Company Brand New Company
Company names search in Cayman Islands registry
Document preparation and submission
Registrar of shareholders, director and members
Memorandum & Articles of Association
Share certificates book
Authorized signature chop
Common seal
Certificate of incorporation (CI)
Company kit box
Government fees included
Registered agent fee included
Registered office included
Incorporation Fee
English company name HK$27,450 HK$27,450
English and Chinese company name HK$30,050 HK$30,050


Certificate of Incumbency HK$3,500
Certificate of Good Standing HK$4,300
Certified True Copy of Documents HK$1,000
Annual Renewal Fee HK$29,000

  Required Information and Time for Incorporation

  • Company name in Chinese and English

  • Original copy of directors and company originators’ ID card or passport, or certified copy by certified public accountants, lawyers and notaries

  • Original copy of proof of address of the directors for the last 3 months (such as bank statements, utilities bills, gas bills, landline phone bills, etc.) or certified copy by certified public accountants, lawyers, and notaries

  • It takes about 34 working days to register a brand new company (after the particulars are fully collected and due diligence is passed)

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