Hong Kong is one of the three financial hubs in the world, following New York and London. As the freest market in the world named by the Heritage Foundation, Hong Kong is an excellent city for doing business and a natural gateway into the China market, as well as the Asian Pacific Region’s.


Unfortunately, business starters are finding it more difficult to open company bank account in Hong Kong because the banks have imposed a series of new banking requirements to comply with the newly introduced laws and regulations from administrative organisations around the world. The new global standards regarding Know-Your-Customer Policies (KYC), Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) etc. are brought to promote a healthier healthy financial system, however, they are putting obstacles for those who need to open a corporate bank account in Hong Kong

We know, we understand, and we can help. Formation Kit is here to navigate and support you to open a corporate bank account for your business.

We have established a strong business relationship with different banks. We can help you open company bank account in Hong Kong and other jurisdictions as well. This is especially useful if you are doing cross-border businesses, boosting your bottom line, or minimising your financial risk with account hedging. We will handle the formalities to effectively open your bank accounts with international banks, and assist you in making appointments with banks and the preparation for relevant documents needed, customised for your company’s situation.


    • No restriction on foreign exchange remittance, free transfer of funds

    • Convenience in settlement of international trades

    • No interest tax with a higher actual revenues of deposits

    • Free conversion of currencies

    • Convenient daily account operation and online bank transactions

    • Convenience in getting trade financing from international banks


    • In-depth understanding of customers background and business expectations (incl. discussion with our network of professionals consisting of accountants, CPA’s, lawyers etc.)

    • Advising on the appropriate company structure and selection of a suitable banking partner

    • Arrange for a bank meeting for the corporate bank account opening

    • Preparation of certified documents of the Hong Kong company by a CPA etc. for the bank

    • Preparation of the required and in-depth KYC profiling/files for the bank

    • Meeting and preparation of customer prior to the banking interview to explain the interview process and which additional questions to expect (one hour interview)

    • We accompany customers to the bank and in some cases join during the bank interview meeting

    • Debrief meeting with customer and follow up with the bank if required

Money back guarantee!100% refundable if bank account opening application not approved!

Please contact us at 852-2234-0477 for more information.

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