1. Standard Issued Capital is 10,000 shares of HK$1 each, totally HK$10,000. Unique request would be allowed.
標準公司發行股本為 10,000 股, 每股 HK$1,合共 HK$10,000;亦可根據個別要求而定。
2. The number of directors or shareholders is limited to five; handling fee of HK$100 should be collected for each extra director or shareholder.
如公司董事或股東人數超過五位,額外每位需另付 HK$100 手續費。
3. Once this form is signed and sent to us, the order is confirmed. If client would like to cancel the order, cancellation charge of HK$1,000 should be collected.
此表格經簽妥及交給我們,委託便已作實,如客戶欲取消委託,我們將收取 HK$1,000 手續費。
4. After all details of application are confirmed as final, handling fee of HK$500 should be collected for each revision, i.e. name/address of company, particulars of shareholders/ directors/company secretary etc.
當我們確定 閣下之有關申請資料後, 閣下如欲更改資料,如公司名稱/地址、股東/董事/公司秘書 資料等,我們將收取每項 HK$500 文件處理費。
5. No refund for services fee and deposit.
6. Personal Information Statement: All personal information will be used for registration of the above company only.
個人資料搜集聲明: 所有資料只用作註冊有關公司之用,絕不用於其他用途。
7. To comply the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Ordinance, the above-mentioned information and documents have to be obtained before any services could be provided.
由於反洗黑錢條例實施,閣下必須填寫及提供有關資料以便我們進行盡職審查。否則,我們將無法 提供有關服務。
8. If corporate director or shareholder is proposed, please contact our customer service officer for details.

I / we hereby confirm that 本人/ 我們現確認:
1) I / we have obtained proper authorization from relevant person to sign this application form.
本人/ 我們已獲得相關人士之正式授權簽署此申請書。
2) I / we ensure all information provided is true and correct.
本人/ 我們證明所提供之資料正確無訛。
3) I / we understand and agree the above terms and remarks.
本人/ 我們明白和同意上述之條款及備註。
4) I/we hereby declare that I/we do not have any business relationship with any relevant person or relevant entity (as defined under the United Nations Sanctions Ordinance, Cap. 537 or any subsidiary legislation thereunder) which is subject to financial sanctions or any terrorist.
5) I / we agree to undertake all the costs and fees incurred.
本人/ 我們承諾按時足額支付所需之服務費用。