Filing of Annual Return

An annual return is a return, in a specified form, containing the particulars of the company such as the address of the registered office, shareholders, directors, company secretary, etc. as at the made up date of the return.

If a company fails to comply with the requirements of the Companies Ordinance, the company and every responsible person of the company, including every director, company secretary and manager of the company, are liable to prosecution and, if convicted, default fines.

However, the requirement to deliver annual return does not apply to a company that is a dormant company under section 5(1) of the Companies Ordinance.

The annual registration fee payable on delivery of the annual return is HK$105.

Service Fee: HK$500

Services Included:

  • Preparing of Annual Return
  • Filing of Annual Return to the Companies Registry
  • Government Fee or Fine not included

When should a company deliver its annual return?

A local private company should, except in the year of its incorporation, deliver its annual return for registration in respect of every year within 42 days after the anniversary of its date of incorporation.

Penalties for Late Annual Examination for Hong Kong Company

The fines charged for late delivery of an annual return are as follows:

Delivery Date Fines (HK$)
More than 42 days but within 3 months after the anniversary of incorporation 870
More than 3 months but within 6 months after the anniversary of incorporation 1,740
More than 6 months but within 9 months after the anniversary of incorporation 2,610
More than 9 months after the anniversary of incorporation 3,480


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