FAQs of Offshore Company Incorporation

Q1 How is the name of Overseas Offshore Company proposed?


Generally speaking, company name should include “Limited”, “Corporation”, or simplified “Ltd.”, “Corp.” or “Inc.”. If proposed company name is the same as registered company name, it is prohibited be registered. Moreover, company name generally cannot contain words like “Bank”, “Insurance” or other words with similar meaning.

Q2. Can Chinese characters be used as Overseas Offshore Company name?


Yes, in certain countries, for example, in BVI, CAYMAN ISLANDS and SAMOA , etc. Chinese characters can be used as company name.

Q3. What is the minimum amount of authorized capital?


The amount of authorized capital in Overseas Offshore Company depends on the demands for the scale of operation and purpose from clients. The requirements for authorized capital can vary in different countries, please contact us to get to know more.

Q4. How many shareholders and directors does Overseas Offshore Company require?


At least one shareholder and director, which can be the same person.

Q5. Is the information on directors and shareholders of the company available to other persons?


The laws in most places of Overseas Offshore Company incorporation do not require publicizing the identity of shareholders and directors and other material information. Therefore, it is not available to other persons.

Q6. What are the advantages in Overseas Offshore Company Incorporation?


Advantages in Overseas Offshore Company Incorporation are as follows:

  • Simpler prudential regulatory frameworks that reduce business costs
  • Reduced burdens for incorporation
  • The existence of adequate legal frameworks that safeguard the integrity of principal-agent relations
  • The proximity to major economies or to countries attracting capital inflows
  • The reputation of specific offshore jurisdictions and the availability of specialist services required
  • Freedom from currency exchange controls
  • A means of safeguarding assets from the impact of litigation, sovereign risks and local/religious laws
  • Potentially lower explicit taxation and consequentially increased income after tax

Q7. Can Overseas Offshore Company operate in Hong Kong once registered without declaration to Hong Kong Government?


No. Any company which conducts business in Hong Kong, shall apply business registration certificate and declare tax, and according to Section 11 of Companies Ordinance of Hong Kong, the company should be registered as one Overseas Offshore Company incorporated in Hong Kong.

Q8. Does the information of shareholders and directors of Overseas Offshore Company need to be filed with local government?


No. Most overseas offshore companies need only to file the information of directors/shareholders with local agent.

Q9. What are the requirements for Overseas Offshore Company to open bank account?


The following notarized copies issued by accountant or lawyer to be provided:

  • Register of shareholders and directors
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Board meeting minutes
  • Articles of Association
  • Consent to act as director
  • Proof of director’s personal address (i.e. utility bill, telephone bill and others)
  • Certificate of good standing of the company (issued by local government)
  • The original copy of bank credit certificate of director perse

Q10. How is the existence and validity of company certified?


After the company is registered, we will deliver the certificate of incorporation, steel seal of the company, articles of association and others to clients. In addition, we can also help clients apply for “Certificate of Existence of Company” to local government.

Q11. Can Overseas Offshore Incorporated Company alter the articles of association and other documents of the company?


Yes. Overseas Offshore Company can modify and supplement the articles of association and other documents lawfully.

Q12. How can Overseas Offshore Company which wants to invest in China, obtain the “Credit Certificate” required by Chinese Government?


Overseas Offshore Company needs to open account at bank and have certain capital; after examination of the bank, it will be granted the credit certificate.

Q13. Is a Delaware Company required to pay federal tax and state tax of U.S.A?


Not necessarily. Delaware Company not operating in the U.S.A shall pay no other tax than annual licensing tax.


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