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Trademark Registration: Before you apply

25 / May / 2014 Uncategorized

When the Intellectual Property Department (IPD) receive the trademark application the examiner will check it and decide whether they need to object to the trademark based on the criteria laid down in the Trade Marks Ordinance. The

Benefits of Trademark Registration

Why register a Trademark? Trademarks are protected in Hong Kong by the Trade Marks Ordinance and by the Common law doctrine of passing off. The protection by passing off alone is the last resort. Enforcement by way of passing off

FAQs of 2014 New Companies Ordinance

22 / January / 2014 Uncategorized

Q1. What are the objectives of rewriting the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 32)? Answer: The rewrite aims to achieve four main objectives, namely, enhancing corporate governance, ensuring better regulation, facilitating business and mo


A Limited Company is the most commonly-used company type. This is a company which is incorporated in Hong Kong, which means that the owner can take advantage of all the tax benefits and concessions available to any fully incorpora

How to Set Up a Company in Hong Kong

20 / December / 2013 Uncategorized

Why Setting Up a Business in Hong Kong? Hong Kong is located at the geographical and economic center of Asia. The followings are some of the major advantages for setting up a company in Hong Kong : – Excellent Banking Facili